Technology company Tamturbo offers its customers a new generation compressor solution to achieve cleaner and according to the Company, more energy-efficient and almost maintenance-free compressed air production.

Tamturbo’s Touch-Free™ technology is 100 per cent oil-free. It offers a truly ecological and sustainable solution for compressed air production. In addition, according to the Company, it is a clearly cheaper alternative to traditional technology in terms of life cycle costs. The solution can also be implemented as an Air-as-a-Service service model, in which case customers only pay for the compressed air they use.

Tamturbo’s current and potential future customers are the world’s leading industrial companies that want to utilise oil-free compressed air in their production processes without significant filtration and air purification costs. Such industries include the food and beverage industry, the paper and pulp industry, the electronics industry, the automotive industry, the textile and glass industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and the manufacturing industry, all of which use significant amounts of compressed air in their processes and where the purity of compressed air is critical and imperative in terms of the quality of their own production.