Compressed air is used in almost all industrial plants

Compressed air is a commodity comparable to electricity, water and heat, with its production being an integral part of most industrial manufacturing processes. Compressed air is used in almost all industrial plants to power up machines, tools, processes and automation, as well as to tmove materials related to production processes in different ways. In order to obtain electricity or water, an industrial plant does not have to own its own electricity or water plant or a thermal power plant, but for the time being, the industrial plants are still mainly responsible for the production of compressed air.

About 10 per cent of industrial electricity in the European Union is used to produce compressed air.1) Industrial growth and a sharp increase in automation will increase the use of compressed air by about 5.5 percent annually from 2019 to 2026.2)

The purity of compressed air is absolutely critical in many industries, including those processes where compressed air comes into contact with end products. The oil contained in the compressed air produced by traditional technology damages air compressor actuators, degrades the quality of the products manufactured and exposes workers to poor air quality and mineral oil in the form of vapor and aerosol.

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