Risk management

The objective of Tamturbo’s risk management is to identify and manage the key risk factors for the company’s operations so that the company achieves its strategic and financial objectives and ensures the continuity of its operations. Based on the identified risks, decisions are made on the necessary measures to prevent the risks and respond to the identified risks.

Risks related to Tamturbo’s business and operating environment are described in the prospectus published on 15 May 2020. 

Risk management organisation and responsibilities

Board of DirectorsApproves the company's risk management policy and its objectives, including risk tolerance and risk appetite. The company's Board of Directors directs and supervises the planning and implementation of risk management.
CEOResponsible for arranging the implementation of risk management and presents matters related to risk management to the Board.
CFOResponsible for identifying and assessing financial risks and preparing matters related to their management together with the CEO.
Management TeamParticipates in controlling and taking responsibility for the risk management process. Each member of the management team is responsible for identifying risks in their own business area and implementing risk management.
Every employeeResponsible for preventing risks, following the company's operating instructions and reporting risks he / she detects to his / her supervisor.