Shares and shareholders

On the date of prospectus (15 May 2020), the fully-paid share capital amounts to EUR 81,000.00. A total of 6,416,480 of the company’s shares are registered. All shares are of the same class.

The company had 685 shareholders on the date of Prospectus.

The following table sets forth the ten (10) largest shareholders of the company on the date of prospectus.

ShareholderShares and votes% of all shares and votes
EAKR-Aloitusrahasto Oy815,83012.71 %
KWH-koncernen Ab577,4309.00 %
Nurmiranta Holdings Oy530,2508.26 %
Jaakko Säiläkivi 310,5004.84 %
WS Cleantech Motor Fund Ky301,7004.70 %
Timo Pulkki164,7502.57 %
Olli-Pekka Kulmala141,5002.21 %
Process Flow Ltd Oy141,5002.21 %
Circulos Meos Oy115,3201.80 %
Springvest Oy106,3601.66 %
Total3,205,14049.95 %
Other shareholders3,211,34050.05 %
Total6,416,480100.00 %

The company is not aware of any shareholder having a controlling interest in the company. The company is not aware of any arrangements that might result in a change in the control of the company in the future.

The Certified Adviser does not own any shares of the company.