Strategy and key strengths

A key goal of Tamturbo’s growth strategy is to capitalise on ongoing technological disruption by enabling cleaner and more energy-efficient processes with its completely oil-free air compressor solutions with, according to the Company, clearly the lowest total cost of ownership, and thus replacing traditional technology.

The Company estimates that the technological disruption in medium pressure compressors and the transition to high-speed turbos will take place over the next 10 to 15 years.

Tamturbo’s strengths

Tamturbo operates in a fast-growing, existing global market and the Company’s growth is supported by global megatrends. Tamturbo’s strategy is strongly based on both direct sales to large customers and the rapid growth sought through sales partnerships. The scalability of the Company’s business, strategic partnerships with major subcontractors and technology suppliers enable the Company to grow in a controlled manner.

  • Existing industrial growth market
    Compressed air is used in virtually every industrial plant, powering up machines, tools and processes and moving materials in different ways. As industrial automation increases, compressed air consumption will increase by about 5.5 per cent per year1.
  • Tamturbo meets the demands of industry and sustainability
    Tamturbo is an industrial cleantech growth company that enables cleaner and more energy-efficient production processes with its oil-free compressed air solution, which meets the requirements of the industry and sustainable development.
  • New generation compressor technology
    Tamturbo‘s Touch-Free™ technology is based on active magnetic bearings and variable high-speed turbo compression, and offers the Company’s customers substantial financial benefits.
  • Scalable and flexible business model
    The Air-as-a-Service service business model enables the customer to purchase compressed air as a service easily and reliably without investing in a compressor unit. A flexible sales and supply chain enable efficient scaling of the business. The Company’s current 11 customers have a total of more than 1,500 air compressors in hundreds of different factories, which means significant sales potential for the Company. In addition, the Company is in negotiations with dozens of similar potential customers.
  • Global customer base
    The current customer base includes the world’s leading industrial manufacturers in various industries, such as the food and beverage, paper and pulp, electronics, automotive, glass and manufacturing industry.
  • Experienced and committed management and Board of Directors
    The experienced management and the Board of Directors are owners in the Company and are committed to the long-term development of the Company.

1Industrial Air Compressors Market Size to cross $24bn by 2026: