A String of Successes

Since the launch of our high-speed turbo compressor at ComVac 2013 in Hannover, Germany last year, Tamturbo has been picking up speed throughout the year.

We know we have a breakthrough product in our hands but making it all come true has been hard work. And as a result, all the successes have been even more rewarding. We’ll now fill you in on what’s been happening.

Pilot product to be delivered to first customers

In July 2013 the trial runs for our prototype product launched into action. We have successfully tested our technology in our laboratory in Ylöjärvi, Finland. We are happy to announce that we are at a stage where the first pilot compressors will be delivered for field testing to the first customer in Finland in summer 2014. The first OEM partners will receive their units to the compressor package development and testing at the same time.

First deal signed

The first deal that a company makes is always a landmark. We are happy to say we have now signed our first order that aims at a significant, long-term OEM partnership. Dozens of negotiations with other potential partners are on the way. Stay tuned for more details as the year progresses.

Successful investment round

The latest investment round was a success – we were delighted to meet our investment goal. More than money, we see this as a sign of trust and encouragement: Investors in large numbers recognize the business potential in us and trust our team’s ability to take Tamturbo very far in the compressor business. The growing network of investors means also that we will benefit from a wide range of expertise in making companies like Tamturbo grow and flourish.

New talent recruited

Juha Lammi is a man many of our customers will meet later on. Juha will be the first person in charge of support for our OEM-customers, distributors and compressor package end users . Juha is our currently learning all there is to know about our partners, customers, the product and Tamturbo as a company.

Juha is experienced in automation and electrical product development for factories and machines. He worked earlier as Development Engineer in electrical product and automation development team in Konecranes, with a customer technical support responsibilities globally.

Look out for further recruitment news down the road.

Thank you – The change is truly on

We’d like to thank all our new and current customers, contacts and investors around the world for making this happen. A special thank you goes to all the partners who have taken the effort to travel to Finland to meet the Tamturbo team and follow the testing of our first turbo compressor. It has been such a pleasure and we appreciate the effort. The whole team is looking forward to successful co-operation long into the future.

Stay tuned, because it certainly looks like the year 2014 will be another year for the history books in high-speed turbo compressor technology!

Tamturbo World Tour 2013

Product launch,
ComVac 2013
Hannover, Germany

The year started with a bang in April with our product launch that drew tremendous attention at ComVac. ”It’s fun to rock the boat a little”, we said. That was an understatement.

Clean Design Award
Malmö, Sweden

The Clean Design Award is given to products that successfully combine eco-friendly technology with user-friendly industrial design. The jury praised the eco-friendly, oil-free, waste-reducing, low-maintenance design of our turbo compressor.

Months on the road
Around the world

It has been an incredible journey around the world. We have been happy to spread the word about Tamturbo, especially since the reception from potential OEM partners has been exceptionally good. See you down the road!

ComVac Asia
Shanghai, China

The Tamturbo world tour continued in China, with great enthusiasm and interest also in the Asian market.