Invoicing instructions

Dear Business Partner,

Tamturbo Oyj has adopted electronic processing of invoices and we hope to receive all invoices from you in electronic format. If you are not able to send e-invoices or send invoices in PDF format to our e-mail, you can send paper invoices to the address indicated in this document. Please note that we do not accept invoices sent to our factory or office address.

Our invoicing addresses are:


E-invoice address: 003723268640199
Operator code: 003723327487
Operator Apix Messaging Oy
OVT 003723268640


If you are sending your e-invoices by using e-invoice services of banks, please check the correct e-invoice address and operator code here:

Especially when sending invoices via banks, please note that the invoice must include the business code of our company 2326864-0.

Please note that invoices sent to wrong e-invoicing address will not reach us.

If you have any technical questions regarding e-invoices, please contact our e-invoice operator: Apix Messaging Oy, (09) 4289 1324,


Please send invoices as e-mail attachments in PDF format to:

If the invoice contains attachments, they must be included in the same file with the actual invoice.


Tamturbo Oyj


00781 Helsinki

The paper invoices sent to the above address will be transformed to electronic form by Tamturbo’s business partner. We kindly ask you to acknowledge that no other material than invoices or their attachments should be sent to the address above. Any other material sent to the address (receipts, business gifts, credit cards, tickets) will not be forwarded to Tamturbo. We kindly ask you to confirm that the address has been defined on the invoice and the envelope correctly. Otherwise this may delay the processing of your invoice by several days.

Other mail than invoices and their attachments:

Tamturbo Oyj Koskikatu 7 A 5 33100 TAMPERE

Delivery address for goods: 

Tamturbo Oyj Menotie 1 A Door 10 33470 YLÖJÄRVI