Where's the money? Tamturbo compressed air savings

Did you know that

Industrial air compressors consume

Industrial compressed air consumes 10% of global industrial electricity

Industrial compressed air consumes 5% of total world electricity

Tamturbo® VSD turbo compressors offer
by far the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership that can’t be Touched

When selecting an air compressor, you are selecting a vital piece of equipment for decades. With high energy efficiency and virtually Touch-Free maintenance, Tamturbo® VSD air compressors offer by far the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Tamturbo delivers significant savings from the biggest costs of owning a compressor, namely, energy and maintenance. If you choose Touch-Free Air, you get fixed costs for compressed air without any CAPEX spending.



Lowest total cost of ownership with Tamturbo turbo compressor

Lasting Energy Efficiency

Tamturbo® VSD compressors have higher and longer lasting energy efficiency compared to “oil-free” screw compressors, so you will see significant savings in your electrical bills. Additionally, unlike “oil-free” screw compressors, Tamturbos compressors do not lose efficiency due to wear as there is no metal to metal contact between rotating components.

Thanks to their unique technology with active magnetic bearings, the rotating parts levitate in magnetic field, and therefore there are no moving parts to wear, no oil to change, or components to replace. This means that you will see a lifetime of consistent efficiency that extends throughout the wide capacity turndown range.

Tamturbo turbo compressor efficiency remains high

Compared to traditional compressor technology, Tamturbo turbo compressor offers substantial savings in electricity and maintenance costs during its life cycle.

Heat Recovery

In addition to having the best variable speed drive (VSD) Oil-Free compressor energy efficiency, Tamturbo® compressors offer significant energy savings possibilities in the form of waste energy recovery.

With our standard liquid cooling system, it’s possible to capture over 90% of used energy to hot water and use it again for your process, heating or other needs. Most compressors waste this energy by blowing it into the atmosphere.




Virtually Non-Existent Maintenance Costs

Machine downtime is expensive in many ways and with Tamturbo® technology, compressor-related downtime can be minimized. Tamturbo® Touch-Free technology does not require periodic maintenance and overhauls. Our 100% oil-free design is ingenious and simple, it has only high-speed motors with Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB’s) and impellers without any gears, couplings, mechanical bearings or oil seals. This makes the core components of the unit completely maintenance-free with no complications or risk, and maintenance is

limited to air filter and O-ring changes.  In addition, to secure the highest reliability, we use only the best components. For example, our impellers are made from toughest titanium to make sure they exceed your expectations. Unlike typical hour-based maintenance, the Tamturbo® compressor is touched only when needed. Our 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostic services take care of compressor optimization and preventive maintenance needs well in advance.


Savings in maintenance costs with Tamturbo turbo compressors

Due to complex structure and component wear, the efficiency of an oil-free screw deteriorates rapidly. This increases the energy consumption and the need for service.

Care-Free, no CAPEX

With Touch-Free™ Air, you will not have unexpected costs or additional fixed assets on your balance sheet. Thanks to the flexibility of Touch-Free™ Air, it adjusts by allowing you to change the compressor size when your compressed air needs change.

The fixed monthly payment covers all maintenance and service related expenses effectively (bumper to bumper). Lifetime warranty gives you Care-Free use of the compressor and the knowledge that we have your compressed air production covered.


Easier on the environment

  • Market-leading energy efficiency
  • 100% Oil-Free compressed air, no risk of oil contamination
  • No Oil or Oil filter waste
  • No wearing parts waste
  • Oil-Free operation extends life time of the equipment using compressed air
  • Oil-Free design means longer lifetime for adsorption dryer
  • Clean condensate water without oil contamination requires no treatment