Tamturbo® air compressor direct-drive turbo technology is centred around a few unique principles. At the heart of every Tamturbo® oil-free air compressor is our patented capacity control and operating system, operating the 3-stage compressor core with the help of industry-leading Variable Speed Drives (VSD).

Tamturbo® proprietary Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) are the key to the Touch-Free™ technology. By providing friction-free rotation with zero drag or metal-to-metal contact, our components won’t ever wear or break down. The AMBs react instantly, eliminating vibration completely. Self-protecting levitation also prevents damage in the event of a power failure inside your facility, as power stored in the rotation and in capacitors keeps the bearings energized until the motor slows down and stops. Over hundred thousand AMB units in HVAC, oil and gas fields, deep-sea gas pumps and other tough uses have proven our product’s technology, maturity and superiority in demanding applications.


Cross section of turbo compressor core, permanent magnet motor, AMBs and turbos

Parts that don’t touch, don’t wear

Rotating parts levitate and only touch the air.

Active measuring and control ensures rotating parts are always held exactly in

Easy-to-maintain designed clearances.

Unlimited starts and stops. No damage risk in power failure.

Tamturbo medium pressure turbo compressor TT185

Reliability that can’t be touched

Our direct-driven VSD turbo compressors are fully free of machine maintenance to critical components, free of component failure and free of any oil contamination risk. To secure the highest reliability we use the best components in our air compressors. For example, our impellers are made from toughest titanium to make sure they exceed your expectations.

3d image of Tamturbo turbo compressor impeller

Life cycle cost that can’t be touched

The life-cycle cost is a result of several factors: for example, purchase cost, periodic service & maintenance cost, repairs and overhauls and the cost of consumed energy. With Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ VSD compressors you will get significant savings from all the biggest cost items: energy, service, maintenance, repairs and overhauls. Tamturbo® units have better and lasting energy efficiency compared to the “oil-free” dry screws, so you will save significant amounts of money on the electrical bill. With Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ technology, the periodic maintenance and overhauls are virtually non-existent.

Industrial compressed air solutions

Tamturbo Oil-Free VSD air compressors offer high efficiency and outstanding savings in both energy and maintenance. Learn how our Touch-Free™ turbo compressors are utilized in a variety of industrial compressed air applications.