Compressed air in electronics industry

The electronics and semiconductor industries, with ever increasing density of electronic components and finer and finer physical details is a traditional user of oil-free air.

The air purity requirements and air volume requirements of the industry are already at a very high level, with constant pressure for further improvement. Even a drop of oil, silicone or PTFE, which are all present in typical “oil-free” dry screw compressors will destroy the end product quality. Tamturbo’s compressor do not add anything to the compressed air. Our unit doesn’t contain a single drop of oil, so the chance of oil escaping to the compressed air line is non-existent. Similarly, their energy consumption requirements and environmental requirements are tightening, which also speaks for Tamturbo’s technology for this customer segment.

We already have delivered units to the industry, e.g. a flat panel manufacturing facility in Asia. Flat panel manufacturing requires 0 contaminants to maintain end product quality and purity and therefore production efficiency. Preventing contamination also pays off by lower quality control costs, which is important for the fast-paced industry. Our Touch-Free™ Technology gives you absolutely 0% risk of contamination.


Parts that don’t touch, don’t wear. All Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ Technology air compressors are direct driven high-speed VSD centrifugal compressors that produce 100% oil-free compressed air for industrial customers.

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We have absolutely no oil in our compressor. Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ compressors have impellers mounted on the high-speed motor shaft while producing 100% oil-free compressed air.

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Maintenance-free Tamturbo® Technology makes compressed air care free. All Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ Technology compressors are direct driven high-speed VSD turbo compressors that produce 100% oil-free compressed air for industrial customers.

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