Chris Lybaert nominated Tamturbo Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chris Lybaert has been nominated the new Tamturbo Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on March 30th 2021. He replaces Sami Somero, who has served as Chairman since 2011 and will continue as a member of the Board.

“It has been a true pleasure to follow Tamturbo’s development, technically and commercially and I am eager to continue with the company as member of the Board. However, I am confident that as Tamturbo is now clearly moving into the next phase, Mr. Lybaert, with his extensive experience in oil-free compressed air, will be the right person to lead the company in this path,” Sami Somero says.

Chris Lybaert has been Advisor to the Management and Board of Tamturbo since 2020 and the role of Chairman of the Board is a natural continuum to the collaboration. He worked 26 years at Atlas Copco in different positions from Research and Development of new compressor principles such as high-speed turbos, product development of core technologies like screw air end and turbos, different business operations to general business management. From 2008 to 2016 he led the Atlas Copco Oil-free Air Division as the President.

“I am convinced that the high-speed turbo air compressors are the future. The high-speed turbo is the ultimate technology for a sustainable oil-free compressed air solution because of its benefits. It is 100 percent oil-free as not a single drop of oil is used in the machine. It is also very energy efficient due to the magnetic levitation of the rotational parts, and as a consequence, needs limited maintenance.

It is an honour to be asked to take over the position of Chairman and I look forward to working together with the Board to move Tamturbo into the next phase and providing the world a more environmentally and sustainable way of producing oil-free compressed air,” Chris Lybaert concludes.