Compressed air savings and sustainability – webinar recording

Find out the savings you could make with Tamturbo high-speed turbo compressors that feature better and lasting efficiency coupled with variability of air usage and virtually no need for maintenance.

Enjoy the recording of Tamturbo’s free webinar held on June 11th, 2020 by our Olli Kuismanen, VP Global Accounts and Partnerships, to discover how you could benefit from:

  • On average 10-15% lower electricity consumptions
  • 90% less compressed air system maintenance costs, with very little need to go on-site for service
  • Remote monitoring and optimization enabling high reliability and efficiency
  • Zero risk of oil or PTFE contamination of air.

Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ turbo compressors are 100% oil-free and the most sustainable air compressor solution on the market. With the lowest total cost of ownership, Tamturbo turbo compressors deliver remarkable savings from the biggest costs of owning an air compressor: energy and maintenance.

Compressed air production plays an essential part in most industrial manufacturing processes. It is used almost everywhere in the industrial world to power tools, machines and processes and to move materials in different ways. Compressed air is a basic utility, comparable to electricity, water and heat, and it is often referred to as the “fourth utility”. However, the difference is that unlike power, water or heating, industrial plants are almost always required to take responsibility for producing compressed air. With the Tamturbo Touch-Free™ Air service model, you only pay for the compressed air you use and we take care of the rest. Additionally, Touch-Free™ Air allows you to adjust your compressed air system to your changing needs without capital investment.

Tamturbo® 100% oil-free turbo compressors have superior and more persistent energy efficiency compared to traditional “oil free” screw compressors, so you will see significant savings in your electrical costs. Additionally, unlike “oil free” screw compressors, Tamturbo air compressors do not lose their efficiency due to wear. This means that you will enjoy a lifetime of consistent high efficiency throughout the wide capacity turndown range. Tamturbo’s Touch-Free™ technology operates with practically no wear and tear, eliminating the need for conventional maintenance. For our customers, this means savings and less unnecessary maintenance downtime. Additionally, it extends the technical service life of the equipment, which reduces the environmental burden caused by waste.