ComVac 2015 – the oil-free revolution continues



Just two years ago, at ComVac 2013, Tamturbo sent shockwaves throughout the
world with the introduction of our oil-free turbo compressor technology. We felt we
are onto something big – and we were right.


Again, this year’s ComVac fair in Hannover saw us present something new. “We had
two new compressor units, for 60 kW and 150 kW power range”, says Timo Pulkki,
CEO of Tamturbo. “The first units we have delivered went to a paper mill to produce
oil-free compressed air for a PSA oxygen generator – and they fit the job better than
anything currently in the market”.


The response in Hannover was enthusiastic, to say the least. “Our offering perfectly
fits the needs of the market”, says Pulkki. “The industry wants oil-free air, smaller
lifetime costs and better efficiency – and we deliver”.


Tamturbo’s concept is also going global – rapidly. “Our compressors are made
available both under their own brand and as private label products”, Pulkki explains.
“And thanks to our OEM component manufacturing, other brands will have
technology licensed from us under the hood”.


A big thanks to everyone who visited our booth. It was great to come back home with
all the encouragement, hot leads and interesting prospects. We provide the oil-free