HKScan and Tamturbo – Sustainable food production




Consumer consciousness and expectations of clean production and small carbon footprint are changing the food industry’s structure and production processes worldwide.

Consumer-based innovations, cost-efficiency and sustainability are key factors in the operations of HKScan, a leading food manufacturer in Scandinavia.

For over a century HKScan has been the home of premium food brands. They produce, market and sell high-quality, responsibly-produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and convenience foods in European markets.

HKScan began discovering Tamturbo technology benefits in 2016 and found these and Tamturbo’s goals to be well aligned with their strategy. High quality and purity as well as sustainability requirements were the baseline when starting the cooperation with Tamturbo. Tamturbo’s technology supports these goals perfectly with 100% oil-free compressors which are energy efficient and maintenance free. When starting the cooperation in 2016 HKScan aimed to test the new, innovative solutions for compressed air production. This was a perfect foundation to build partnership with Tamturbo, as Tamturbo team had a high motivation to prove the technology in a demanding application.

Outstanding energy savings with Tamturbo technology

Food industry accounts for 9 % of global industrial energy consumption. One of the most important strategic goals for HKScan is to improve the energy efficiency of its production plants. Following heating and production processes, the production of compressed air is one of their most significant energy consumers. The energy consumption of compressed air varies from 15 to 20 percent of the total energy consumption, throughout the food industry. This means that compressor energy efficiency has a big impact on the total energy consumption. Tamturbo’s solution will improve the efficiency and energy recovery during the whole compressor lifecycle. In total, over 90 percent of the compressor input energy will be utilized in HKScan production process through compressor energy recovery system, which is a significant saving.

Completely oil-free compressed air – high quality guaranteed

“We want to be a benchmark in progress and use innovative solutions in all our operations. Tamturbo’s compressors challenge the traditional technologies. They bring us significant benefits in achieving our energy efficiency goals. Furthermore, there is no risk of oil contamination in Tamturbo’s compressor, which supports our quality and purity requirements. The absolutely lowest total cost of ownership and Tamturbo’s service-focused attitude were key factor when considering the cooperation with them,” says Technical Manager Mika Tammi at HKScan.

The validation of Tamturbo’s technology started with the TT185 in one of the HKScan’s production plants in July 2016. The pilot clearly validated the energy savings and other requirements. TT185 was installed in the factory permanently in April 2017. Soon after the next unit was delivered to another plant in Oct 2017.

The story continues and the cumulative benefits of Tamturbo’s and HKScan’s cooperation continues to build up. This will further strengthen HKScan’s position as an environmentally and socially responsible as well as a sustainable North European company.