Innovative sustainability in pulp and paper industry


As a very energy intensive business, the demands on energy efficiency are highly valued when considering new technologies in the pulp and paper industry. The energy-efficient Tamturbo® technology not only saves energy and nature but is also 100% oil-free and requires significantly less maintenance than older technologies. This is why it is no surprise that multiple pulp and paper mill companies have thoroughly analysed Tamturbo’s Touch-Free® technology, concluded the lowest life-cycle costs and taken Tamturbo® compressors into their compressed air production. Tamturbo® compressor TT325 was delivered to and commissioned at Metsä Board’s Kyro Mill in July 2019. Tamturbo is very satisfied that Metsä Board Kyro and other paperboard and pulp and paper companies have the desire to innovate and evolve without neglecting sustainable development.

Tamturbo® Touch-Free compressors need virtually no maintenance – the intake air filters are the only part requiring replacement every few years. Additionally, the exceptional 100% oil-free design of the Tamturbo® compressors clearly exceeds its competitors as there is absolutely no hazard of oil contamination and the customer can rest assured their high-quality is guaranteed.

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