Tamturbo introduces oil-free air compressor at ComVac

The future is oil-free in compressed air business:
Tamturbo introduces a next-generation oil-free air turbo compressor at ComVac 2013 in Hannover

Where there is industry, there is a need for compressed air. Production of compressed air is responsible for at least 10% of all industrial energy consumption. Tamturbo, based in Tampere, Finland, is determined to change that figure together with the leading global compressor manufacturers.


If simplicity is beautiful, the new gearless Tamturbo compressors should earn a place in an art gallery. Direct drive from high-speed motor to turbo impeller means significantly fewer parts in mechanical contact, i.e. less energy loss and less wear compared to conventional ways of producing oil-free air. It also means that energy efficiency does not deteriorate over the life cycle of the compressor. Furthermore, simplicity means less need for maintenance. All these together result in remarkable savings in the life cycle costs of the compressor.


The environmental benefits of producing oil-free air with a high-speed turbo compressor are clear. In addition to energy savings there is, for example, no need to change oil filters and throw them into the waste bin. Lastly, Tamturbo has developed and patented a new capacity control method that extends the efficient control range of turbo compressor by dozens of percentage points, which again translates into lower electricity bills.


Timo Pulkki, head of sales at Tamturbo, is confident that their release is going to be a milestone in the development of compressed air technology. “It will be fun to rock the boat a little,” he admits. “The more we discuss with the leading compressor manufacturers around the world about licensing our technology, the more we get the feeling that we have the right product at the right time.”


Negotiations are currently underway with many major compressor manufacturers, but Timo is inviting others to join in. “The biggest technological change for decades is on in the industry. The world’s leading compressor manufacturers have already launched, or are developing, their first products with similar technologies, so this is definitely something you don’t want to miss,” he says. “Tamturbo technology simply gives you the competitive edge.”


It’s fair to say that not many people in this world know more about high-speed technology and turbo compressors than the managing director of Tamturbo, Jaakko Säiläkivi. He is also very pleased with the technological advances they have achieved. “We have managed to root out most of the drawbacks previously associated with turbo compressors,” states Jaakko. “Our bearing solutions guarantee a long life, the new capacity control is unprecedented, and we have several other patents pending on the details of improving turbo compressor efficiency and capacity control.”


Tamturbo is going to offer its new products both as a Tamturbo-branded compressor directly for end users in Scandinavia, and also as an OEM package together with a license for the technology for other compressor manufacturers worldwide. In the business field, cooperation between major corporations and smaller technology suppliers is standard. “We cannot conquer the world alone,” says Jaakko Säiläkivi. “Thus, we need strong partners globally to license our technology.”




Managing Director
Jaakko Säiläkivi
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Sales Manager
Timo Pulkki
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