Recruitments in sales, marketing and technical support


We are delighted to welcome three new members to the Tamturbo Team!

Heli Malinen, Marketing Specialist (MA)

Heli Malinen started working as Marketing Specialist. With her versatile experience in marketing, communications and project management, she is an excellent addition to our growing organization. Her energetic attitude and way of working are sure to streamline the turbo team even further!

Brecht Vanlee, Sales Manager (M.Sc. Eng.)

Brecht Vanlee joined our team as Sales Manager and hence strengthens our international sales team further. Brecht has nearly a decade of experience in the compressor business in the fields of sales, new business development, engineering, project management and sourcing. His vast experience in the business and his dynamic personality make him a great extension to our team.

Petri Kettunen, Technical Support Engineer (B.Eng.)

Petri Kettunen started working as Technical Support Engineer. Petri brings a wealth of knowledge to the company with his over 20 years of experience in high speed compressors with magnetic bearings. His education and work experience offer him an extensive understanding of electrical, industrial and automation engineering and make him a valuable asset to our company.

We are super excited to have Heli, Brecht and Petri on board and to keep adding to the growth and success of Tamturbo!