Significant Order for Tamturbo from a Global Tire Industry Customer


Significant Order for Tamturbo from a Global Tire Industry Customer

Tamturbo has received and order of multiple compressor units from global tire manufacturer. The value of the order is approximately 0,6 MEUR.

Tamturbo CEO Igor Nagaev comments:

“More and more customers see Tamturbo TT compressors as an efficient and reliable way to reduce Total Cost of Ownership, CO2 emission and the source for totally oil-free air – not a single drop of oil in the compressed air, nor in the compressor design itself. All the time rising energy prices and simultaneous environmental saving needs increase fast Tamturbo’s solutions’ superiority compared to the traditional industrial compressor technologies.”

“This is again a major win for all the involved stakeholders: Our customer saves substantially money and the environment at the same time, and Tamturbo is starting cooperation again with a remarkable global customer with huge potential. Tamturbo’s high growth is driven by entering continuously new large multinational key accounts, and growing organically within these customers, who have even hundreds of factories around the world. In addition to the huge business potential they represent, they are also the best and most demanding customer references showing the example to other customers in different industries to invest in Tamturbo’s most environmentally sustainable solutions in the markets.”

More information:

Igor Nagaev, CEO, Tamturbo Plc.

tel: +48 733 511 303

Tamturbo in brief
Tamturbo is a Finnish industrial growth company in the cleantech sector that enables cleaner and more energy-efficient industrial compressed air production with a new generation of Touch-Free™ compressor technology, highly efficient energy recovery systems, and service models that add value to customers. Tamturbo develops and manufactures air compressors, which offer a more environmentally friendly solution that is completely oil-free, energy-efficient and a long-lasting option which is significantly cheaper for the customer than traditional technology in terms of total cost of ownership. It is possible to implement the solution as an Air-as-a-Service business model, in which case the customer only pays for the compressed air they use. Tamturbo operates in a fast-growing market and its high growth is supported by global megatrends.