Significant Order for Tamturbo from a Large Dairy Industry Customer


Significant Order for Tamturbo from a Large Dairy Industry Customer

Tamturbo has received a follow-up order for multiple TT325 compressors from a large dairy industry customer in the EMEA region.

Tamturbo CEO Igor Nagaev comments:

“Tamturbo’s Touch-Free™ technology has gathered high customer satisfaction, resulting in a substantial number of repeat orders where our customers are clearly moving to the most beneficial TCO model of compressed air generation.

Our unwavering commitment to top-notch customer support has also contributed to this success. The frequency of repeat business clearly reflects our achievement in keeping customers happy.”

More information:

Igor Nagaev, CEO, Tamturbo Plc.

tel: +48 733 511 303

Tamturbo in brief

Tamturbo is a Finland based, industrial growth company in the cleantech sector that enables cleaner and more energy-efficient industrial compressed air production with a new generation of Touch-Free™ compressor technology, highly efficient energy recovery systems, and service models that add value to customers. Tamturbo develops and manufactures air compressors, which offer a more environmentally friendly solution that is completely oil-free, energy-efficient and a long-lasting option which is clearly the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution for the customer. Tamturbo offers a subscription model, with Air-as-a-Service business model, in which case the customer only pays for the compressed air they use. Tamturbo operates in a fast-growing market and its high growth is supported by global megatrends.