Six ways to save money with Tamturbo® turbo compressors

Did you know that 10% of all industrial electricity consumption is used to produce compressed air. This equals to 5% of world total electricity consumption. With energy consumption of this magnitude, it is self-evident that both the costs and the potential for savings are huge. Here’s a few examples of how Tamturbo® Touch-FreeTM VSD turbo compressors can help you save energy, time and money:

1.   Exactly the right amount of air when you need it

Just about all industrial applications, like electronics, pulp, paper and food and beverage etc. have a fluctuating air demand. A VSD compressor adjusts its motor speed to run only at the speed it takes to match the plant or process air demand. By not “overproducing” the air, you can save up to 35% of the air compressor input energy. Traditional turbo compressors do not have VSDs and have to use inefficient Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) or wasteful Blow Out of air. “Oil-Free” screw compressors have optional VSD control but they are inefficient at lower speeds.

2.   No maintenance to critical components

The unique and 100% oil-free design of our Touch-FreeTM compressors does not require costly maintenance, service or periodic rebuilding of critical components. Routine maintenance is virtually limited to intake air filter changes.


3.   Lasting energy efficiency

Tamturbo® Touch-FreeTM VSD turbo compressors have higher and longer lasting energy efficiency compared to “oil-free” screw compressors. Unlike “oil-free” screw compressors, Tamturbos compressors do not lose efficiency due to compressor wear as there is no contact of rotating components. The unique Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) technology levitates the rotating parts in a magnetic field. This means, none of the moving parts wear, there is no oil to change, or any components to replace. You will see a lifetime of consistent high efficiency that extends throughout the wide capacity turndown range.


4.   Precise pressure control, no need to overpressure

The VSD compressor holds the target pressure constant, allowing the system pressure setpoint to be lowered. This eliminates the need to over-pressurize the compressed air system pressure for securing the required air flow. Compressed air systems have commonly leaks that can be substantial. Lowering the system pressure decreases the amount of those leaks, therefore saving considerable amounts of money.

5.   Wide capacity turndown range

The compressor uses minimum about of energy to meet the compressed air demand need. With up to a 63% turndown range, Tamturbo® compressors match the air need of the processes. This is possible with VSD control, without having to use energy-wasting blow-out of compressed air or flow choking Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV).

6.   Heat recovery

The standard liquid cooling system of Tamturbo® turbo compressors enables easy energy recovery, up to 93% of the compressor input power. All this energy can be recaptured to hot water for your process, heating or other needs. You can efficiently take advantage of the heat of compression and save substantial amounts of energy and money.