“Startup contests can bring funding”, says CEO Timo Pulkki

Kauppalehti, Finland’s biggest business newspaper, covers “Cleantech Forum Europe” event in its May 20th issue. Held in Stockholm, the three-day event featured a big startup contest, where three winners were chosen amongst the 107 cleantech startup entries from Nordic countries and Estonia. While Tamturbo didn’t make it to the top three, they were the only company from Finland to reach the final shortlist of ten companies.


“These kinds of contests are an excellent way to get publicity, experience and contacts”, says Tamturbo CEO Timo Pulkki to Kauppalehti, “keeping in mind our future funding rounds”. Pulkki sees the contest as an important source of outsider evaluation at exactly the right time. Timo Pulkki also says he is pleased to see all the support and enthusiasm surrounding cleantech, emphasizing the fact that clean energy means measurable savings as well.


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