Local Level Sustainability – Theme Day for 2nd Graders


The world is changing at an accelerating speed and both individuals and companies are faced with global challenges in regard to issues like sustainable development and environmental protection. Tamturbo supports sustainability and circular economy with our products but also as a company. Our compressors do not use or need any oil and their great efficiency lowers the customers energy consumption. All these factors support our goals but we want to do more.

When discussing global issues and trying to perceive the big picture, the challenges may seem insurmountable, and we sometimes forget how easy it is to make a difference on the local level. When we take a closer look at things, there’s a large number of small things we can do to make a difference, and when combined together, the things are not so small anymore. Collecting your trash when hiking with your family, or going to work by bike instead of car are simple measures that are bound to make a difference, but do not take much time or effort.

In support of our pursue to promote sustainability on the local level, Tamturbo organized a Sustainability and Recycling theme day for 2nd grade students of Ylöjärvi Yhtenäiskoulu. The day included several fun assignments around sustainability and recycling. By working together as teams, the students were able to complete the assignments easily and with happy smiles on their faces. The assignments included a quiz about different kinds of waste and how to recycle them and some funny waste riddles to fill in, for example.

In addition, several important themes were covered in wonderful discussions with the students. Themes that were discussed included sustainability from different points of view including environmental protection, sustainable consumption, domestic vs. foreign food choices and food waste reduction. Another important theme that came up in the discussions was how sustainability is also about taking care of each other, friends and relatives, not just the environment. Looking after each other in communal way creates a sense of fellowship and security to all involved.

The positive feedback from both the students and their teachers certainly warmed our hearts.

“Thank you for time and the sustainability and recycling theme day. This was perfect for our children and supports learning. Children love outdoor activities and doing things helps learning”, says Maija Munne accompanied by other 2nd grade teachers.

Children’s comments:

– It was great when you taught and I learned.

– It was a nice assignment with a potato.

– I liked the first recycling task.

– It was a nice start when we thought about where we throw the trash.

– I’m going to throw every rubbish to trash bin.

– It was nice to get a safety vest and a certificate. (many others agreed)

– It was nice working together with the class.

– The game for the different recycling points was nice.

– The discussion together on the meadow was educational and fun.

– Everything was really educational.

All in all, the time we spent together with these active and talented students was invaluable. We can learn so much just by listening to the children and the way they look at the world today. The theme day was easy to arrange and very rewarding for both us as a company and the students participating and further strengthened our vision of the impact of local actions. When you care about the community you live in and the people that share it with you, you end up doing these little big things that make a difference for your loved ones, the environment and the world as a whole.