Tamturbo available in Poland


It’s our pleasure to introduce Pneuma our new sales and service partner in Poland. Pneuma, a compressed air and gas generation specialist company, has successfully been trained in the Tamturbo® technology and products and has started active sales work of our products for Polish customers. The cooperation has been in preparation since August 2017 and has already materialized in a few end customer sales cases.


Pneuma’s product portfolio has in the past been concentrated on oil-flooded compressors, compressed air dryers, nitrogen and oxygen generators, air knives, nozzles, and full compressor system installations. They have, however seen the rapid rise of interest and usage of oil-free air in Polish markets and their customers. Poland is a big food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paper and automotive manufacturer, where fully oil-free air with zero risk of contamination is needed.


The founder of Pneuma, Mr. Alfred Giebien, and Grzegorz Giebien visited Tamturbo’s facilities and few Finnish reference customers in the beginning of March 2018. “After the good meeting and training we are fully confident that the sales and support of Tamturbo® products in Poland will see a rapid increase in the near future”, says Kimmo Pyykönen, Sales Director of Tamturbo.


“Tamturbo® products are an amazing combination of simplicity and high technology. We were especially amazed by the reliability of the compressor, and the remote monitoring and service capabilities”, says Grzegorz Giebien of Pneuma. “We saw optimization of a customer compressor which was in full operation take place through the remote connection while we were visiting the customer site. This is a totally new way of supporting the customers, which, coupled with the Air as a Service invoicing model will surely be an interesting solution for our wide customer base.”

For More information and interest in partnership availability in your market, contact:
Olli Kuismanen, VP, Partnerships, Tamturbo, olli.kuismanen@tamtubo.com or

Jonna Kannosto, Marketing Manager, Tamturbo, jonna.kannosto@tamturbo.com