Tamturbo company one of the most inspiring examples of circular economy

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The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has announced Tamturbo company as one of the most inspiring examples of the circular economy. Sitra believes that circular economy is opportunity to Finnish companies and they encourage companies to switch to sustainable business and so do we at Tamturbo.


Tamturbo® Touch-Free technology compressors save energy and are environmental friendly. 15 % of global industrial and 5 % of the total electricity is used to produce industrial compressed air. Compressed air is used practically in every industrial plant in the world powering up machines, tools and processes. It is as important means of production as electricity, water and heat. In EU alone, there were more than one million industrial air compressors in use, and they consumed 136 TWh of electricity in 2010.


Tamturbo® compressors are more efficient than traditional “oil-free” compressors over the compressors’ life cycle and hence Tamturbo® Touch-Free compressors create significant energy savings over the years. Tamturbo compressors don’t have even one drop of oil anywhere. Therefore, there is no risk of oil to end up environment and there is no need to take care of oil waste. This is really environmentally friendly. Tamturbo® Touch-Free technology is based on simple and sustainable solutions and compressors are practically maintenance free.


Tamturbo does not sell only compressors but also compressed air. This Nothing but air solution gives customers possibility to buy the most important thing, the pressurised air, without investment costs. Tamturbo delivers a compressor package and the compressor is in continuous remote monitoring. Thus, customer gets what it really needs. Nothing but air!


Post in Sitra home page: https://bit.ly/2lhNGwB