Tamturbo is front page news

Aamulehti, the second largest newspaper in Finland, reports in its April 29th issue about the exciting home stretch in the Nordic CleanTech Open competition. Tamturbo is already in the Top10, culled from 107 cleantech companies from the Nordic Countries and Estonia. Managing Director Jaakko Säiläkivi takes the opportunity to explain the product to readers: “In structural design we are already superior when it comes to turbo compressors under the 100 kW power range. Yet we are still developing the compressor towards even greater efficiency.”


The Nordic Cleantech Open competition winners will be announced in Stockholm on May 19. Tamturbo compressors will enter the market during 2014.


Aamulehti subscribers can read the whole article in Finnish at “Ylöjärveltä tulee pian leijuva kompressori – “Rakenteissa olemme ylivoimaisia”