Tamturbo rated among most interesting companies in circular economy


Tamturbo is proud to be rated as one of “The most interesting companies in the circular economy” by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Compressed air production is an integral part of most industrial manufacturing processes. 10% of global industrial electricity and 5% of total world electricity is used to produce compressed air. The growth of industrial automation has increased compressed air use by 5% to 7% annually. Compressed air is used in virtually every industrial plant, powering up machines, tools and processes and moving materials in different ways. It is often considered to be the fourth utility and as important as electricity, water and heat. It is a utility that companies are responsible for producing themselves

Existing compressed air technology is over 50 years old. The environmental load of devices is increased because the majority of air compressors are oiled, and even the instruments in “oil-free” compressors require oiling. Additionally, “oil-free” screw compressors are expensive to maintain and break easily as a result of their complex structure and rapid erosion.

As completely oil-free, added with lowest cost of ownership, Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ compressors are most sustainable solution for industrial customers with high requirements.
While our customers save in energy bills and maintenance costs the environment won’t be loaded with oil or oily waste.

Tamturbo ® Just Air™ – gives our customers easy access to all the benefits, without investments. You only purchase air you need, not the compressors. We provide exactly what’s needed – Just Air!

Read more: https://www.sitra.fi/en/cases/compressed-air-as-a-service/