Tamturbo provides the oil-free future

Oil-free air is a growing, global trend in different industries.

Direct driven high-speed turbo compressors are replacing the complicated, wear-prone dry screw compressors in more and more industrial applications. Finnish Tamturbo is on the cutting edge of the transition.


Two years ago Tamturbo caused a sensation by introducing the most advanced turbo compressor technology in the market. Now their line of direct drive, oil-free turbo compressors has expanded into two different sizes of compressor units as well as OEM components. How does the future look for the Nordic innovators?

“The future seems bright. Our offering perfectly fits the needs of the market”, says Timo Pulkki, CEO of Tamturbo. “The industry wants oil-free air, smaller lifetime costs and better efficiency – and we deliver”.


This year Tamturbo will present their new line of compressor units in the ComVac fair in Hannover. “We have two new compressor units, for 60 kW and 150 kW power range”, says Pulkki. “The first units we have delivered went to a paper mill to produce oil-free compressed air for a PSA oxygen generator – and they fit the job better than anything currently in the market”.


Tamturbo is rapidly globalizing their concept. Their compressors are made available both under their own brand and as private label products. And because of OEM component manufacturing, other brands will have technology licensed from the Finnish innovators under the hood.

“We had a good head start, and now our technology is ready and available”, says Pulkki. “We provide the oil-free future!”


Further information:


Timo Pulkki
Tamturbo Oy
+358 50 527 6670 | timo.pulkki@tamturbo.fi




Tamturbo Oy, based in Tampere, Finland, is doing a global breakthrough in the multibillion-euro compressed air business. Industry consumes over 10% of its electricity in the production of compressed air. More and more applications require compressed air that is not only efficiently produced but also completely oil-free. Tamturbo’s products and business idea are based on these factors.


Tamturbo’s oil-free turbo compressors meet the needs of the most demanding process applications, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, paper and chemical. In these processes, any risk of oil contamination must be excluded. Compared to any other known solution Tamturbo’s compressors offer the most advanced solutions available for compressed air free of oil.