Tamturbo securing safety in child nutritional products

Boy drinking milk manufactured with oil-free technology


Our customer, a a global leader in food products, dairy products and beverages has a manufacturing facility concentrated on high-quality infant and child nutritional products with a strong commitment to quality, food safety and environmental aspects. Hence, they are constantly exploring new, greener and innovative alternatives. This is where the Tamturbo® technology came into the picture. The market-leading efficiency of the practically maintenance-free turbo compressors not only support the sustainability and product quality goals of the company but offer without a doubt the lowest cost of ownership.

Safe oil-free Infant nutrition Tamturbo oil-free compressed air


Implementing new technologies can be challenging, and therefore Tamturbo wanted to offer the customer as flexible and easy a solution as possible, so that the validation of the technology and the transition towards something entirely new would go smoothly. The cooperation begun with a Touch-Free™ Air rental agreement where one of the old “oil-free” screw compressors at the factory was replaced with a Tamturbo® TT145 turbo compressor. By this simple switch only, the customer reaches an astounding 1000 kWh saving in electricity every day, which equals to savings of 25.000€ per year. Consequently, the savings achieved have been higher than the cost of the new air compressor, which made this a very safe solution for the customer.

The energy efficiency benefits of the Tamturbo® technology can be found in two primary factors. To start with, there’s the pure compression efficiency (kW/m³) where the Tamturbo® compressor outweighs its competitors. Furthermore, the high efficiency extends throughout the wide capacity turndown range, which reduces electrical consumption even more. Additionally, thanks to the steady pressure level of our compressor, there is the added benefit of being able to lower the pressure setpoint in the system, reducing the need to overpressurize the air to secure needed flow. Subsequently, lower pressure means lower power consumption.

In addition to operational reliability and savings in both electricity and maintenance, the Tamturbo® 100% oil-free design offers an even more important benefit to industries where compressed air purity is crucial. The totally oil-free structure of the compressor eliminates the risk of oil contamination altogether which supports the high quality and purity requirements in the processes. There’s not a single drop of oil in the compressor and therefore there are no oil or oil filters to dispose of, recycle or that could impact the environment.  Additionally, unlike typical hour-based maintenance, the Tamturbo® compressor is touched only when needed. With the remote monitoring and diagnostic services, users can control the compressor optimization and receive alerts before preventive maintenance is required.

The commissioning process of the Tamturbo® compressor at the customer went extremely well. Our team was remotely monitoring the commissioning and the first weeks of use on a 24/7 basis. The compressor parameters were optimized remotely during first weeks of use, and our team helped the customer optimize their compressed air system on the whole. Moreover, the local distributor was a great asset in the commissioning and installation process and took wonderful care of the customer.

As this reference customer drives towards a safer world through products and practices that promote environmental protection and circular economy, the energy efficient and technologically superior Tamturbo® turbo compressors ideally support the customer’s commitment to advance a sustainable world and provide exactly what is needed – Just Air.

Safe infant nutrition with oil-free compressed air