High quality compressed air in automotive and aviation

High quality compressed air is a necessity in the automotive and aviation industry. A customer of ours, a Tier 1 automotive and aviation industry supplier has been constantly striving to use the best and most advanced available technologies also for compressed air systems.

Following years of experience with multiple compressor technologies of oil-lubricated and “oil-free” screw compressors and traditional turbo compressors, a Tamturbo compressor was installed in 2018. Tamturbo compressors use active magnetic bearings and the compressor core levitates in a magnetic field without any mechanical touch or wear. This will offer substantial annual savings both in maintenance and energy. Also, the compressor is fully oil-free preventing any risk of compressed air contamination.

After a year of non-stop operation with virtually zero maintenance cost the customer is confident that this has been a big successful transition from traditional compressors and it supports well their strategy as a high technology company.

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