Significant Touch-Free™ benefits in packaging industry


The triumph of Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ technology expands with acceleration into various industrial fields. Yet another customer of ours, this time a  large global high-quality printing mill of film and paper, has implemented our technology and confirmed with content that it satisfies their modern needs in a perfect way. The benefits of the technology come in numerous levels including lower maintenance costs, less downtime, top-of the-line quality and energy-efficiency.

One of the biggest benefits of our technology is the lack of need for compressor maintenance due to the unique design of our compressors. The Touch-Free compressors use active magnetic bearings – the compressor’s rotating parts levitate in a magnetic field and do not come into contact with anything. Therefore, there are no wearing parts to replace or repair, and the compressor does not need any oil lubrication or oil changes or produce any oily waste. This not only saves time, money and nature, but also results in uninterrupted production.

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