Tamturbo successful share issue brings jobs and stimulates growth

In its share issue at the end of last year, Tamturbo Oy, a pioneer of oil-free turbo compressor technology, accumulated almost €5 million.

Its largest investors include successful Finnish companies KWH Group and AVS Group.


Established in 2010, in just a few years Tamturbo has risen to become a significant player in the sector as a result of its advanced turbo compressor. This innovation created in Tampere has been noticed not only in Finland but globally, which was also reflected in the successful round of funding. The share issue, which achieved double its target, will boost the development of international sales and marketing and the creation of new jobs.


“The successful issue will enable strategic growth into the international market. Our goals are to create hundreds of jobs in Finland and to reach a turnover of €100 million by the end of 2022. We are very grateful to our shareholders, both old and new,” says Timo Pulkki, CEO of Tamturbo.


A total of 193 parties participated in the funding round initiated in September, including 146 shareholders subscribed through Wallstreet Asset Management Oy. The capital from the funding round was €5 million, and 173 new shareholders were acquired.


One of the most significant investors was family business KWH Group, whose turnover is almost €400 million. The company, a specialist in abrasives, plastics and logistics services, uses a great deal of compressed air at its plants and sees enormous potential in Tamturbo.

“KWH’s job is to develop skills-intensive, service-minded business focusing on its core activities. Business must be based on unique products, processes or market position, which guarantees long-term competitive advantages. We decided to invest in Tamturbo, because it is very suitable for this vision of ours,” says Kjell Antus, Group President of KWH Group.

Together into an oil-free future

Tamturbo is the only company in the EU area and one of only two in the world developing similar turbo compressor technology.


“Our compressor gives the customer added value, both in terms of cost savings and environmental friendliness. It is oil-free, energy-efficient and maintenance-free, which means in practice 15–20% less electricity consumption, 80% lower maintenance and operating costs and 20–30% savings in life-cycle costs,” continues Pulkki.


AVS Group, a family business specialised in compressed air systems and pneumatics, shares Tamturbo’s vision of an oil-free and energy-efficient future. The company participated in the share issue to a significant extent.


“Our company has always been developing new systems for the production of clean compressed air. In the compressor that Tamturbo has devised and created, I see very great international potential and markets, the development of which we want to support with the knowledge and expertise that AVS Group has accumulated. Tamturbo is quite simply the king of compressed air,” says Antero Parma, Chairman of the Board of AVS Group.


At present, Tamturbo has sales and marketing in five countries, and a new range of products will be unveiled at the world’s largest event for the compressed air sector, ComVac 2017, to be held in Hanover from 24 to 28 April 2017. Tamturbo’s other shareholders include the company’s key personnel, entrepreneurs, influential parties from the business world, Wallstreet’s private equity fund and Finnvera.



Additional information:
Timo Pulkki, CEO, Tamturbo Oy, tel. +358 50 527 6670, timo.pulkki@tamturbo.fi


Tamturbo is a compressor supplier that has been developing its own turbo compressor based on high-speed technology since 2010 and is now on the verge of a significant international breakthrough. Together, the experts employed by the company hold over a century of experience in compressor, high-speed and turbo design technologies, along with a deep passion for the field. The company’s facilities are located in Ylöjärvi. www.tamturbo.fi.