Third Consecutive Order for Tamturbo from a Large Global High-Tech Company


Third Consecutive Order for Tamturbo from a Large Global High-Tech Company

Tamturbo Secures More Than 3MEUR Business During 2023 with Third Consecutive Order from Global High-Tech Giant, Underscoring Unrivaled Value Propositions.

Following the successful execution of the two first orders earlier this year from the same customer, Tamturbo is announcing yet another substantial 3rd consecutive order from a renowned global high-tech company. This reaffirms the trust and satisfaction of our client, who recognizes Tamturbo as a world-leading partner in delivering cutting-edge compressed air solutions.

Igor Nagaev, CEO of Tamturbo, expresses his enthusiasm:

“The receipt of a third order from this prominent industry player further cements Tamturbo outstanding value proposition in the industrial compressed air sector, for customers who focused on having the highest production efficiency and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for compressed air generation. This partnership is a testament to the confidence placed in Tamturbo’s magnetic bearing-based turbo compressor technology. We are proud to provide our customers with significant energy, maintenance, and CO2 savings, in a package that represents also the highest reliability in the market.

Tamturbo’s compressors are distinguished as the only oil-free compressors, which is genuinely free of any oil. Our technology aligns seamlessly with the needs of our clients, ensuring significant cost and environmental savings at the same time.”

More information:

Igor Nagaev, CEO, Tamturbo Plc.

tel: +48 733 511 303

Tamturbo in brief

Tamturbo is a Finland based, industrial growth company in the cleantech sector that enables cleaner and more energy-efficient industrial compressed air production with a new generation of Touch-Free™ compressor technology, highly efficient energy recovery systems, and service models that add value to customers. Tamturbo develops and manufactures air compressors, which offer a more environmentally friendly solution that is completely oil-free, energy-efficient and a long-lasting option which is clearly the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution for the customer. Tamturbo offers a subscription model, with Air-as-a-Service business model, in which case the customer only pays for the compressed air they use. Tamturbo operates in a fast-growing market and its high growth is supported by global megatrends.