Yiğittaşlar, Turkey joins Tamturbo partner network


Tamturbo is proud to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement of Tamturbo® products for the Turkish market with Yiğittaşlar A.Ş., a company specialized in compressed air technology, energy consumption consulting, air audits and filtration consumables. The cooperation started in June 2017 with the first round of technical training and business planning and already resulted in a good number of contacts and end user customer projects.


“The Yiğittaşlar team has shown great technical expertise in compressed air, the required enthusiasm to bring the new technology to the Turkish market and a very promising number of existing customers that we can help save money and electricity. This gives us high expectations for a rapid market penetration in the area”, says Olli Kuismanen, VP of Partnerships at Tamturbo. The journey has taken off with a good note and first units are being delivered to turkey in Q2/2018. “The Turkish market is a very promising oil-free compressed air market with many large customer segments that require 100% oil-free air, high air quality, energy savings and variable air quantities, which make Tamturbo® technology a perfect fit. “


“After presenting the Tamturbo® technology to over 100 of our existing customers, I can safely say that the Tamturbo® compressors are ideal for many of our customers who seek high quality compressed air. Some of the customers, especially those in automotive, pharmaceutical, textile, glass and other industries with a very high-quality need for their compressed air, already have the interest to evaluate the technology and validate it to meet their specific requirements.”, says Hakan Yigittas, Sales Manager for Yiğittaşlar A.Ş. “We aim to make this product line one of our main footholds, the synergies with our compressed air consultation and filtration are evident”. Yiğittaşlar customers have been very enthusiastic about the possibility to gain the Tamturbo® benefits: 100% oil-free air, improved energy efficiency and maintenance-free compressors with a wide flow range.

If you want to join our global parter network please contact:

Olli Kuismanen, VP, Partnerships